The Crew

It's not easy to find the right team to cross the Pacific with. It's said Hawai'i is the furthest island chain from any other land mass or islands in the world. You are stuck on a little boat together for an eternity. Of course you look for talented sailors who can trim well, are considerate of the boat, & can drive straight on black nights with pretty big waves knocking you about & winds blowing down your foulies. They all have to have secondary talents to fit in. Sailor/mechanic, sailor/sailmaker, sailor/electronics wiz, sailor/ships Doc, and so on. Everyone must have good to great late night watch stories and wake up every couple hours fresh and in a good mood.

Starting at the pointy end and working aft,
our 2022 crew is made up of a motley bunch that will fit in perfectly.

Vic Maui CREW

· MARK 'Sven' SVENSON Mainsheet Trimmer · JEFF 'Smitty' SMITH · ANDREW PARKER
·GRAHAM ANDREWS · JIM THOMPSON Bow · BOB DRACH · Callum O'Neill · GIB BLACK Flunky · MARK 'Mags' MAGLIN Navigator · ·

The 1st real test for Lurline will be the 500 nautical mile qualification sail.

The criteria for crew selection is somewhat multi-faceted in that it is layered starting with sailing ability, available positions, other talents that may be needed, personality, fitness, experience and solid references.  It's goo, too, not to get sea sick although it can happen to the best of us.  The final decision is based on the applicants ability to tell funny or interesting late night watch stories.