The Refit

In 1994, then Titan VI, the Tripp47, was a dragon slayer. From the pen of William Tripp III she was ahead of her time, sturdy, light & FAST. So, our re-fit program was based on the same directive. She was moved to a massive & new boat shed in Bellingham, Washington and a might team assembled. The nucleus is Nathan Warner, William (not Bill) Joyce and headed by Jeff Reidy. Jeff is very knowledgable having sailed many thougsands of sea miles and a boat contractor. Jeff also knows EVERYBODY in the entire state that isinvolved with yachts. He is an incredible resource & I highly recommend these guys.

Nothing has gone unquestioned. She was hauled for nearly 4 months, her rig was pulled and plans were made and addressed. New rigging, decks, cabin, non-skid, running rigging, electrical and electronics, plumbing, deck gear all new.

It just takes a moment to list these, yet, a mountain of effort to complete. Here is the cabin top plan and 2 shots of Jeff, Nathan and William accomplishing the refit